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About TX Duck Hunts

TX Duck Hunts is a premiere hunting outfitter in the Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi and Rockport gulf coast area of Texas. Being in the guiding business since 2001 Capt. John and crew know what it takes to provide our clients with a professional experience while Texas gulf duck hunting or hunting wild hogs on our exclusive hunting ranch. From our locally built and custom rigged airboats , to our best in class blinds and decoy spreads, to our professional attitude, appearance and attention to details of your hunt, we know what it takes to make your hunting and outdoor hunting experience memorable. TX Duck Hunts being owned by Autumn Wings, so we have a vested interest in the hunting community with our decoy business, with close associations with all major waterfowl conservation groups.

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Why you should hunt with TX Duck Hunts

45 Minutes from the Corpus Christi Airport

Multi-Species Hunts Including Ducks and Hogs

Airboat Transportation to your Blind

Professional Guides

First-Class Equipment

Hunting Trips

Whether you are an experienced hunter or your first time our guides will make it the best experience possible, all we ask is you handle a firearm safely, after that we will provide the ingredients for a successful hunt if the game cooperates. No matter if your visit is an family trip, hunting buddies trip or a corporate team building retreat we will provide the opportunities for a great time in the outdoors.

  • Morning / Afternoon

    Duck Hunting

    Our location is home to a majority of the wintering redheads in this flyway, this is the end of the road in combination we will see pintails, widgeons, bluebills, buffleheads, green and blue wing teal, gadwalls, and shovelers. These birds are usually in full plumage when they arrive here and lots of clients shoot birds for the wall. Trophy birds and once and lifetime birds are not uncommon for our clients.
    The day starts approximately one hour before legal shooting time for morning hunts or 2pm for afternoon hunts meeting the Captain at our private boat launch with private parking near Aransas Pass. At the time of arrival you will sign the Liability Release and Waiver Forms (save time print from website and have them ready) from there we load the airboat and head into the marsh to one of our many locations. Based on wind, types of birds present, etc. we will try to put you in the best blind possible for that day. The blinds are comfortable, dry, good seating and visibility, highly camo’d and decoyed with the finest decoys in the marsh. Since X Duck Hunts is owned by Autumn Wings, LLC ( you will be hunting over the NICEST spreads of decoys in the Coastal Bend of Texas. The hunts last till about 10:30am or later for morning hunts and end at close of shooting for afternoon hunts. We provide both fully-guided and drop-off/self-guided ducking hunting opportunities.

  • Late Afternoon / Evening

    Hog / Wild Boar Hunting

    TX Duck hunts has access to a tremendous hunting ranch about 45 minutes from Corpus Christi, or just over an hour from our duck hunting operation in Aransas Pass. We have exclusive rights to hunt this property and manage it accordingly. Typically starting around Sept. 1st we start offering hog hunts, our typical hunting season runs thru the end of April, we do some summer hunts but would need to be arranged well in advance. All our hunts are fair chase hunts, yes wild hogs are considered a nuisance across Texas and much of the south so hunting licenses are not required. We EXPECT our hunting guests know and practice safe gun and hunting practices. For inexperienced hunters we will provide a guide in the blind to assist in the hunt, judging when to shoot and best shots, and judging hog sizes.
    All our hunts are done over feeders, either with green lights or we can provide green lights for your firearm if you do not have them, just in case the hogs appear after dark. Our hogs are unpressured and a lot of our hunting happens well before dark, yes sometimes they wait till after dark to appear at the feeders, but be prepared to see hogs in the daylight. All hunting is done from blinds positioned 50 yards from the feeders. The terrain is very thick brush adjacent to the feeders so good killing shots with appropriate rifle and bullets adds to successful recoveries. We monitor our feeders with game cameras so we try to anticipate the timing of the hogs to the feeders and which feeders are most active.
    For Hog hunts depending on the time of year we meet late afternoon designated location, prefer to have your Liability Release and Waiver Form signed in advance, same release as Duck Hunting if you are doing a Quack and Squeal Hunt during the Duck Season. We do not limit the number of hogs a person can shoot within the time frame of the evening hunt. No wanton waste will occur during our hunts, this not shoot and let lay hunting experience.

  • Morning and Evening

    Quack and Squeal Hunts

    TX Duck Hunts provides the ultimate south Texas coastal bend hunting experience with our Quack and squeal hunts. The hunt consist of a fully guided morning duck hunt, followed by a full guided hog hunt in the evening. This is the ultimate trip for you and your hunting buddies, this option provides an experience unequaled in South Texas. These hunts are available during the open Texas Duck Season 2023/2024 (South Zone: Nov 5- 27, Dec. 10th thru Jan. 29th, 2024), The morning duck hunt will take place in Aransas Pass, TX then a break for lunch and little relaxation and then met the guide(s) at the hunting ranch for a late afternoon/evening hog hunt. The timing can also be the hog hunt the day before and the duck hunt the following morning. We do not limit the number of hogs a person can shoot within the time frame of the evening hunt. No wanton waste will occur during our hunts, this not shoot and let lay hunting experience.

  • Afternoon

    Cast and Blast

    Cast and Blast fishing in the afternoon for redfish, trout, drum and flounder can be arranged with one of the local fishing guides, usually during the hunting season TX Duck Hunts is extremely busy with hunters, if we are not available to provide a guided fishing we will help the clients make arrangements with other recommended guides in the area.

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available hunting options

Guided Duck Hunting

  • Airboat transportation to and from the blind
  • Camo'd and decoyed blind
  • Blind seats
  • Duck ID
  • Duck retrieval (Guided Hunts)
  • Duck cleaning and marking/tagging (Guided Hunts)
  • Well mannered dogs are welcomed. Advance notice so dog stands can be provided.

$250 per person/hunt

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Drop-off/Self-Guided Duck Hunting

  • Airboat transportation to and from the blind
  • Camo'd and decoyed blind
  • Blind seats
  • Well mannered dogs are welcomed. Advance notice so dog stands can be provided.

$150 per person/hunt

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Guided Wild Hog Hunting

With exclusive rights to a tremendous hunting ranch about 45 minutes from Corpus Christi, We offer fair chase hog hunts from September through April.

$175 per person/hunt

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Quack and Squeal Hunts

The hunt consist of a fully-guided morning duck hunt, followed by a fully-guided hog hunt in the evening.

$450 per person/hunt

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TX Duck Hunts can arrange for large groups of duck hunters, we have access to many blinds, multiple airboats and guides, We usually limit ourselves to 4 pig hunters at one time to provide a quality hunt unless we hunt more than one hunter in a blind which is very possible. If your group is large for pig hunting, we have other guides than we may be able to work with in the area to suit your group needs, call Captain John to discuss 218-390-4522.

Trip Details

What is Included with Duck Hunts

  • Airboat transportation to and from the blind
  • Camo'd and decoyed blind
  • Blind seats
  • Duck ID (Guided Hunts)
  • Duck retrieval (Guided Hunts)
  • Duck cleaning and marking/tagging (Guided Hunts)

What is Not Included with Duck Hunts

  • Texas hunting license with State and Federal Duck Stamp. (You can purchase your hunging license online on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.)
  • Shotgun equipped with a plug (3 shot max).
  • Steel shot shells (3 inch in size 3, 2, or 4 recommended).
  • Ice chest with food and drinks.
  • Camo clothing for the expected weather conditions.
  • Camo hat/face cover.
  • Chest waders or hip waders.
  • Knowledge of duck types, governing laws and limits.

What is included with Hog Hunts

  • Transportation to and from the blinds from the designated meeting location (provided at the time of booking)
  • A comfortable blind overlooking a well used game feeder that distributes corn at appropriate times
  • Most blinds can accommodate up to 2 persons
  • Green light over the feeder or on your firearm if you do not have one
  • Thermal/night scopes are not provided but surely can be used if you wish
  • Opportunity to hunt wild hogs under fair chase conditions
  • Unlimited hogs – we do not limit the number of hogs a customer can shoot, after a shot(s) or kill(s) have taken place in a blind it will be up to the guide to judge conditions that may allow for more shot opportunities
  • Multiple hogs have been shot from our blinds at one time depending on the skill of the hunter and the movement of the hogs
  • Reasonable recovery of shot hogs
  • Field dressing of your hogs (Quartering and icing of your hogs can be arranged)

What is Not Included with Hog Hunts

  • High power center for rifle and appropriate ammo and sighted in for appropriate distance (rental guns may be available at certain times)
  • Food or drink in the blind
  • Cooler for transportation of meat if quartered
  • Camo clothing (Optional)
  • Transportation to the pick-up location

Cancellation Policy

Since we have limited days of season cancellations featly effect our livelihood and we enforce a strict cancellation and booking policy. All bookings require a $100/person/per hunt deposit. If you cancel you lose your deposit, unless you re-book for another day prior to 7 days before your hunt and in the current hunting season. Cancellations in 7 days or less you will be charged for the entire hunt. No shows will also be charged for entire hunt.

Weather Policy

Texas weather is often windy, wet and sometimes violent of which I have no control. Reasonable windy conditions and rain are normally not reasons for cancellation. We will try to consult with you in advance if weather conditions (exceptionally high winds, torrential rains, dense fog, etc.) and making the conditions unsafe in our opinion. If in our opinion the weather is unsafe to operate and a weather cancellation occurs, you have the option of re-scheduling or obtaining a refund.

Terms of Hog Hunts

If conditions such as heavy rain and or high winds make pig hunting difficult in the opinion of the guide the hunt deposit will be refunded or the hunt rescheduled. The duration of the pig hunts is solely the decision of the guide, if in the guides opinion, consulting with the client, the likelihood of a successful hunt or future continued hunting after successfully taking a hog the guide as his discretions will end the hunt. The customer at anytime can end the hunt based on their preferences.

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